About the Association

On 11th September and 15th October 1996 a few Consuls met and they decided to form an Association so that the Honorary Consuls appointed by several Countries to Sri Lanka will have a representative body. This idea was mooted by Al Haj. Col. A.M.M. Fareed J.P. the Honorary Consul for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan along with Mr.Berty Wickramapala, J.P. the Honorary Consul for Republic of Chile, Mr.H.Chitru Peiris the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Poland, Mr.M.Ansar Jabir the Honorary Consul for Lithuania and Mr.Al Haj Afzal Marikar, the Honorary Consul for Pakistan. The Association was to be an affiliated member of The Federation Des Crops Et Association Consulaires (F.I.C.A.C.) as per the Copenhagen Consular Declaration of 2nd October 1982.

In view of the above, a meeting was held on Wednesday the 26th February 1997 at 6.00pm at the V.I.P Lounge of Hotel Galadari, Colombo 1. Subsequently a date was fixed, the 10th October 1997 for the Inaugural Meeting of The Association, to be held at The Colombo Club, Room No.901 of the Colombo Hiltion at 5.30pm The Guest of Honour was Mr.Bernard Thilakarathna, former Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting was called to order and the convener Al Haj Col. A.M.M.Fareed invited the Guest of Honour to preside as the Chairman pro-tem. The first item in the Agenda was to adopt the Constitution which was circulated among all the Honorary Consuls in Sri Lanka. The Constitution was adopted and the next item was to elect Office Bearers. Al Haj Col. .M.M.Fareed was unanimously elected the first President and as Vice President Mr.Senake Amerasinghe, Mr. Berty Wickramapala as Secretary and Mrs. Preenie S. M. Pinto as Treasurer.

An Executive Committee comprising of the following was elected. 1. Mr.Udaya Nanayakkara, 2. Mr.William J.T.Perera, 3. Mr.M.A.Jabir, 4. Dr.A.N.Haniffa and 5. Al Haj. A.A.Marikar. It was also adopted that the following members present at the inaugural meeting be considered Founder Members of the Association.

1. Al Haj. Col.A.M.M.Fareed J.P. Honorary Consul for Jordan
2. Mr.Berty Wickramapala J.P. Honorary Consul for Chile
3. Mr.H.C.Peiris Honorary Consul for Poland
4. Mr.William J.T.Perera Honorary Consul for Philippines
5. Dr.A.N.Haniffa Honorary Consul for Sudan
6. Mr.A.M.Jabir Honorary Consul for Lithuania
7. Mrs.Preenie S.M.Pinto Honorary Consul for Portugal
8. Mr.Udaya Nanayakkara Honorary Consul for Yugoslavia
9. Al Haj.A.A.Marikar Honorary Consul for Pakistan